The Spark

A little bit about the Meyer Family business.

EST 2015

Way back, when Jason was just an amateur BBQ smoker, a family friend who goes by the name of “Grandpa Bernie”, would come once a year (summertime only) to visit the family. During these visits he and Jason would BBQ and smoke all sorts of different kinds of food and meat. At the end of the day, everyone always agreed that Grandpa Bernie had the best recipe. However, Granpa Bernie kept his recipe a strict secret that no one was allowed to have.

One year, Grandpa Bernie came back to Wisconsin to find that Jason had made a custom smoker with a really big–stack. Needless to say, having a bigger stack on the smoker meant that Jason was serious about smoking and cooking meat. Grandpa Bernie knew Jason was committed.

Fast forward a few more years of endless rounds of friendly competition and Grandpa Bernie finally bequeathed his secret recipe to Jason.

At this point, the word about Jason’s cooking was getting out. One day, Jason was offered an opportunity to cater a family wedding. He just wanted Jason to make the pulled pork, they would handle everything else. Jason accepted it and used it as a test run. Jason never having catered before consulted with Grandpa Bernie on how to cater a 200 person wedding. Grandpa Bernie gave Jason all the tips and tricks to pull it off and Jason promptly went to work on it.

After a steep learning curve, a small slice of humble pie, and about $350 in “emergency” supplies, Jason pulled off his first wedding.

It wasn’t long after that, Jason, with the encouragement of his family, decided to take it to the next level and make a business out of it.

The Name

One night over dinner, the family including Jodi (Grandpa Bernie’s daughter), all sat down and tried to come up with a name. After chatting about the name Big Stack, they thought they needed to consult with a reliable confidante. So, who do they call? None other than Granpa Bernie, of course! In a crazy coincedence, Grandpa Bernie said “What do you think about the name Big Stack?” We kid you not! He must have sensed what we were thinking. “The stack on your smoker is bigger than the one I own.” So, from there, the business was dubbed Big Stack Meats and Catering.

Since becoming a business, Jason and his family have catered everything from music festival VIP’s, weddings, graduation parties, corporate luncheons, customer appreciation events, receptions, and much more!