Smoked Chuck Roast

Prime Rib

Brisket (Sliced)


8-piece Smoked Chicken

Smoked Boneless Chicken Thighs


Pulled Pork

Smoked Ribs

Pork Loin

“Dale’s Smoked Ham”


Cheesy Augratin Potatoes

This classic side is a one of our most popular crowd pleasers.

Smoked Beans

We take baked beans to a whole new level. Add a little smokey smoke, a little (more) bacon, and our secret spice, and you’ve just hitched a ride to tasty town!

Green Bean Casserole

This holiday classic takes your guests down memory lane, but in a car doing 180mph with the windows down. Buckle up.

Smoked Mac-n-Cheese

Comfort food that will change the way you eat Mac-n-Cheese, forever. Made with 4 different kinds of Wisconsin cheese. Here’s a head’s up though, you will need to prepare your speech for when you win event coordinator of the year.


This refreshing side will have you coming back for a second scoop. We only ask that you use a spoon and not a shovel. Sharing is caring.

Potato Salad

You say “potato” and we say…”salad”. That’s how the saying goes, right? Classic and creamy, potato salad is always a welcomed sight at the table.

Macaroni Salad

Not your momma’s macaroni salad. Creamy, cold, and just enough zest to make momma do a double take. This is perfect for any summer event.

Asian Salad

Get your passport ready because we’re hopping the pond! Crispy, indulgent, and full of fun and flavor. Customs can’t seize flavor, you know.

Caesar Salad

You’re a class act, and choosing this Caesar salad proves it. (You, fancy pants, you!)

Smoked Chicken Salad (additional up charge)

This should really be priceless, it’s THAT good. Nervous about the up charge? Don’t be. Worry about the line of people that will be waiting just to give you compliments on it. The struggle is real.

Late Night Menu

Handmade Smoked Pizza

Breadsticks with Dipping Sauces

Freezer Pleaser

Looking to purchase by the pound to feed your hungry herd all season long? We can do that! Prices and options vary (some things freeze beautifully while others not so much) so best to give us a jingle and we can curate a personal freezer box just for you.